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Important Ranch Rules!

  1. Harvest Ridge Ranch is not pet-friendly.  Please ensure that you and your guests leave Fifi and Fido at home.

  2. While you are welcome to explore the grounds of our working ranch, for biosecurity and animal welfare reasons, please do not enter any of the gated areas and work areas including the barn, chicken coop, pastures and orchard. The garage and pool equipment area are also off limits; do not tamper with the networking, security or pool equipment. ​

  3. Do not climb any fence.  This includes the short black fence around the house and the pool.  Parents, please instruct your children not to climb the fence as they are not intended for climbing.  Sure, if you have long legs and can step over the fence without grazing your crotch, you may do so.  

  4. Do not chase, grab, snatch, harrass, torment or threaten any ranch animals at any time.  If you are fearful of chickens, poultry or goats, please consider staying at a different property. Children must be supervised at all times and are not allowed to roam the ranch without an adult present as to avoid chasing livestock or chickens, or entering areas with potentially dangerous farm equipment. Note that running looks like chasing.  Please do not run around the birds.     

  5. Our Livestock Guardian Dogs, Gordie, Sabrina and Thea, protect the ranch livestock from Coyotes, Foxes, Hawks and potential roaming pack dogs.  Our dogs are responsible for guarding the poultry.  Do not chase or attempt to catch any chickens or poultry as it will be seen as a threat.  

  6. IMPORTANT: DO NOT FEED THE DOGS.  We feed them well but they can be food aggressive.

  7. Young children must be supervised at all times and are not allowed to roam the ranch without an adult present. 

  8. One dozen complimentary pastured eggs are waiting for you in the fridge.  If available, additional fresh eggs may be purchased for $8 per dozen. Do not enter the chicken coops or barn to collect any eggs. You may ask the caretaker to find out if extra eggs are available for purchase. 

  9. You are welcome to gather your non-meat, organic kitchen scraps into a large bowl for the chickens. Please check with the caretaker before feeding scraps as we want to avoid feeding the dogs.  

  10. If you’d like to interact with the goats and/or chickens, feeding time is in the early evening about 1-2 hours before sundown.  If the goats are up for it, you may brush and pet the goats as well. Please check with the caretaker. Closed toed shoes are required for feeding. Photos of the ranch animals are always welcome. 

  11. There is a guests’ organic garden behind the kitchen that you are welcome to help yourself to.  Please harvest just what you need with a knife and do not kill or pull up the plant when harvesting. Please keep the “gate” to the garden closed to keep the chickens out or they will destroy the garden. ​

  12. HVAC (A/C and Heat).  You agree not to set the thermostat to less than 68 degrees for cooling or above 72 for heating.  You will be responsible for any damages incurred as a result of setting the temperatures outside of these boundaries including loss of A/C or Heat without refund during the time that the issue can't be fixed. You agree that all windows and doors to the exterior shall remain closed when the A/C or Heat are in use.

  13. Bicycles (and other outdoor equipment) are not to be brought inside. Guests may not bring bicycles or other outdoor equipment (kayaks, oars, fishing rods, auto repair tools/parts, etc.) into the home. If needed, secure them to the gate on the patio.  



  • Keep doors closed to help us keep bugs and critters out of the house. Small insect traps have been left out around the house to catch the few that wander in.

  • Before going to bed, ensure that all windows are closed to drown out the livestock guardian dog action in the evening and rooster crows in the morning .. unless you like to be woken very early.

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