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Grass-fed lamb (a limited amount available only to our CSA egg members and visiting guests.)

Dear friends,

Last week we harvested our four lambs. They were processed by Creston Valley Meats, a local butcher that is a USDA facility. These lambs were raised for the past year on our raw pasture which is that 12-acre hill behind the farm house. We've had a chance to try the lamb and it is delicious. We'd like to share some of this Harvest Ridge Ranch lamb with you at special prices you cannot get anywhere else for USA grass-fed local lamb. Please note that quantities are very limited.

If interested, let us know before your egg delivery (or before your visit to the ranch) so we have time to get the order together or let you know that we can't fulfill. Depending on the cut, it may have to come from the ranch or from our freezer in the Bay Area. We just didn't have enough freezers in one place. All meat will be vacuum-sealed, frozen, with weight and description.

In addition to what is pictured below, we have the following cuts as listed by Creston Meats that we did not photograph. This page is all about lamb so there is no need for me to type lamb (cut) in the description. Inquire if interested:

Garlic Basil sausage $10/package (3 sausage links per approx 1 lb)

Neck roast $10/lb

Shoulder steak (2 per package)


(I'm sure I've left something out..)

Lamb cuts (Pricing will be by actual printed weight and will vary slightly by piece.) These photos with weights should give you an idea of the size of the cuts.

Ground lamb. A little over a pound per pack. They didn't tell me percentages but it looks lean, maybe 85/15 or 90/10.


Lamb Loin Chops


Lamb Riblets


Lamb shank (bone-in)


Lamb chops (most packages contain 2 chops)


Lamb leg (this will not be the entire leg but a family-sized portion cut, about 3-4 lbs.)


Lamb sirloin roast (boneless)


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